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Delicious Recipes from our Chefs

Featured Recipe

Pakora & Mint Chili Chutney

Hot and crispy, vegetable pakora is the perfect comfort food on a cold or rainy day.

Borrowed from our Season's cookbook, we'd like to share with you some of our chef's favourite recipes to enjoy with family & friends. Each month we'll feature a new dish that we hope will inspire you to create great food & conversation at the table.

Prosciutto, Apple and Arugula Sandwich

Upgrade your typical sandwich spread to fresh and fabulous. By Chef Mikael Volke

Kalbi Chicken Tacos with Red Onion Salsa

Great anytime, this dish is a refreshing twist to a family favourite. By Chef Ian Cowley

Double Smoked Bacon and Spinach Risotto

Comforting and sophisticated, this creamy risotto is as colourful as it is flavourful. By Chef Michael Allemeier

Decadent Chocolate Cream Pie

A chocolate filled pie that leaves nothing to be desired. By Chef Rose Warden

Harvest Potato and Fennel Soup

Rich and creamy, this soup makes for a soul-satisfying meal. By Chef Steve Lepine

Bella Rosa

A refreshing citrus cocktail that will leave your taste buds celebrating. By Seasons at SAIT

Chocolate Mousse and Brandy Snap Cookie

For dessert connoisseurs. Rich, frothy and devilishly good — this dessert leaves nothing to be desired. By Chef Rolf Runkel

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

A signature bakery item at the Culinary Campus, these decadent treats are a must for chocolate and cookie lovers alike. By Chef Rolf Runkel


Six upscale and well-balanced canapés designed to impress your guests — and their palates. By Chef Gerd Steinmeyer